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Thickness: 1” - 1.1/4” - 1.1/2” - 2” - 2.1/2”and 3”. Thicker lumber is available as special orders.

Widths:Random widths, 6” and wider, in increments of 1”, sometimes going over 30” wide. In certain grades, up to 10% of 4” and 5” is included. Fixed widths can be supplied without difficulties but command a premium.

Lengths: random lengths, usually 6’ and longer or 8’ and longer, going all the way up to 16’ or 18’ longs, in increments of one foot.

Grades: All our suppliers follow the well-known rules established by NHLA - National Hardwood Lumber Association. Well-trained staff does quality control at the mills and separate the lumber in FAS, Selects or Nr. One Common grades, which is then shipped to customers according to mutual agreement.

Our lumber is produced in the usual sizes, rough-sawn or dressed, two-sides or all four-sides, ranging as follows:

Usual Cuttings from a Log

Tropical Hardwood lumber is offered as air-dried or kiln-dried to required moisture content by clients or users. Kiln-dried lumber is equalized and conditioned in the end of the drying process, thus assuring stability and proper manufacturing properties. The drying process is usually computerized and well controlled to minimize waste or drying defects. Most lumber used to manufacture products for interior uses is kiln-dried to 6-8% MC (flooring, for example) or 15% for exterior applications like decking, siding or exterior structures.

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Lumber Specs, Sizes and Grades